Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stuck in a rut

Is it just the curse of Chinley Chuckles or has the weather put a damper on my enthusiasm to become listed on Intervac? After spring cleaning the bedroom and photographing them, I’ve now come to a complete standstill. Part of my trouble is that I’m torn between looking for a job (yes that saga continues), general mother duties, and planning the forthcoming camping holiday to Bournemouth. Perhaps the truth is that our home needs more than just a quick dust and hoover for our listing on Intervac. Have other houseswappers experienced this problem before, I’d love to know your thoughts.
In an attempt to get motivated, I’ve put together a quick summary of items or jobs that I believe myself and other potential house swappers need to consider.

  1. Soul searching
Ask yourself if you’re ready to offer your home and not just your house and garden but bed linen, cutlery and possibly DVD collection to strangers? If not, then house swapping is isn't for you. Does the thought of living by someone else’s rules on holiday fill you with dread, especially when they are not around to enforce them? House swapping takes time and effort, although it’s worth it for the rewards, it’s not for everyone.

  1. Research the market
Take time to investigate the plethora of holiday swapping organisations available on the net. Don’t just look around these sites; find out what people, especially members, say about them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as the better informed you are the wiser your choice will be.

  1. Be an estate agent
Take a good look at your home and garden, and start to think as an estate agent would. Be honest and think how a holiday swapper would see your home. Would you like to stay in a house where the kitchen cupboard doors are falling off? Could you sleep in a bedroom without curtains? Don’t panic. View this time as the ideal opportunity to get all those nagging jobs around the home done. Your house does not have to be a Grand Design yet it does need to be clean and tidy.

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